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How to Say WATER BREATHING and 11 Forms in Japanese?

water breathing written in japaneseDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan! What does Tanjiro say when using the Water Breathing? The answer is MIZU NO KOKYU.

mizu no kokyuu written in japanese

MIZU = water
NO = of
KOKYU = breathing


The word KOKYU consists of two Kanji symbols. The KO letter means “call” or “exhale”, and the KYU stands for “inhale.” These two symbols make the meaning of “breathing.”

As you know, the Water Breathing has 11 forms in total (though the eleventh one is only for Tomioka Giyu). Let me explain how to say each form in Japanese!

11 Water Breathing Forms in Japanese

First Form: Water Surface Slash

Water Surface Slash says MINAMOGIRI.

minamogiri, meaning water surface slash in japanese

MINAMO = water surface
GIRI = slash

Second Form: Water Wheel

Water Wheel says MIZUGURUMA.

MIZU = water
GURUMA = car, vehicle

Third Form: Flowing Dance

Flowing Dance says RYURYU MAI

ryuryumai, meaning water flowing dance in japanese

RYU (x2) = flow
MAI = dance

Fourth Form: Striking Tide

Striking Tide says UCHISHIO

uchishio, meaning striking tide in japanese

UCHI = crash, wash the shore, strike
SHIO = tide, seawater

Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After The Drought

Blessed Rain After The Drought says KANTEN NO JIU.

kanten no jiu, meaning blessed rain after the drought in japanese

KAN = dried up, drought
TEN = heaven, sky
NO = of
JI = mercy, cherish
U = rain

Sixth Form: Whirlpool

Whirlpool says NEJIRE UZU.

nejireuzu, meaning whirlpool in japanese

NEJIRE = winding, twist, distortion
UZU = swirl, vortex, whirlpool

Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust

Drop Ripple Thrust says SHIZUKU HAMON ZUKI.

shizuku hamon zuki, meaning drop ripple thrust in japanese

SHIZUKU = water drop
HAMON = ripple, rings on the water surface
ZUKI = thrust, prick, stab

Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin

takitsubo, meaning waterfall basin in japanese

TAKI = waterfall
TSUBO = pot

These two Kanji symbols make the word TAKITSUBO means “waterfall basin.”

Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow

Splashing Water Flow says SUIRYU SHIBUKI.

suiryu shibuki ran, meaning splashing water flow in japanese

SUI = water
RYU = flow
SHIBUKI = splash
RAN = disturbance, disorder

Tenth Form: Constant Flux

Constant Flux says SEISEI RUTEN.

seisei ruten, meaning constant flux in japanese

SEI (x2) = live
RU = flow
TEN = roll, turn

The word SEISEI RUTEN comes from a Buddhism term. This phrase SEISEI represents that something is born and grows one after another. RUTEN stands for “reincarnation.” The whole phrase tells that everything in this universe keeps changing without staying.

Eleventh Form: Dead Calm

Dead Calm says NAGI.

nagi, meaning dead calm in japanese

NAGI = calm, lull

The word NAGI means “calm” in Japanese. In the English translation, “Dead” is added. I think it’s to emphasize how silent the technique is.

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