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Water Suface Slash in Japanese

water surface slash written in japaneseDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Tanjiro’s Water Surface Slash in Japanese says MINAMOGIRI in Japanese.

I’ll explain what each letter represents!


minamogiri writen in japanese

MINA = water

MO = surface

GIRI = slash

The word MINAMOGIRI is consisted of two words and written in combination of kanji and hiragana.


MINAMO means surface. This kanji can be read as SUIMEN and its meaning is the same as MINAMO. What’s the difference? Suimen is more general reading and we usually use it. Minamo is a classical word and it sounds soft and poetic.


GIRI is a variation of the verb KIRU. KI is kanji, and RU is hiragana. About GIRI, GI is kanji and RI is hiragana.

The kanji letter used for GI stands for cutting something with a blade. It’s frequently used for names of special moves with swords.

How to say First Form?

Water Surface Slash is one of the technique of Water Breathing and it’s called First Form.

First Form says ICHI NO KATA in Japanese.

ichi no kata written in japanese

ICHI = one

NO = of

KATA = form, style, model, pattern

ICHI is the number one. This kanji is a classical way of writing the number one and used only in special situations.

NO means of and it’s written in hiragana.

KATA is a kanji letter that stands for a template of something or set procedures.

When Tanjiro releases the Water Surface Slash, he always says “Ichi no Kata, Minamogiri!”.

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