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How Do You Say Welcome in Japanese?

how to say welcome in japaneseJapanese Language Learning

In Japanese, the translation for the English word “welcome” varies depending on the scene. Let me explain X ways to say welcome in Japanese, and choose the proper phrase for your situation!

3 Ways to Mean Welcome in the Japanese Language

Thanks for Coming!

  1. ようこそ (Yōkoso)
  2. いらっしゃい (Irasshai)
  3. ようこそいらっしゃいました (Yōkoso irasshaimashita)

If you want to say welcome as your thanks for coming, the best phrase in Japanese is YŌKOSO. You can use it when you welcome someone at the place where you belong like your home, office, and country.

A similar phrase to Yokoso is IRASSHAI. Irasshai originally means “please come to me” but it can be used to express a welcoming feeling. If you combine these two phrases, it will become the most polite and formal greeting YŌKOSO IRASSHAIMASHITA, meaning “I welcome your visiting.”


For your information, “welcome back” says OKAERINASAI.

Welcome to a Store

いらっしゃいませ (Irasshaimase)

IRASSHAIMASE is a set phrase for store staff to welcome customers. You’ll hear it each time you go to a store in Japan. It’s used only at stores including hotels and is not used at other places. Usually, hospitals and public institutions don’t say Irasshaimase.

You’re welcome

どういたしまして (Dō Itashimasite)

DO ITASHIMASHITE is equivalent to “you’re welcome” or “my pleasure.” It’s a fixed phrase to reply to “thank you” from someone.

Did you find the appropriate “welcome” phrase you’re looking for? If you have any questions, please let me know via comment, and I’ll update the post!

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