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Why Does GENYA Eat Demons? A Serious Reason for That

why does genya eat demons?Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan! SHINAZUGAWA GENYA in Demon Slayer eats demons. Why does Genya eat demons?

The reason is simply to destroy demons. Genya can’t use the Total Concentration Breath. For those who fight demons, breathing techniques are essential to boost their physical ability enough to beat demons. But, unfortunately, Genya had no potential as a Demon Slayer swordsman.

Instead, he has a special constitution to digest demons and temporarily absorb their power. When he takes the demon power in, he gains a destructive physical power and a regenerative ability while losing a reason as a human.

Gensya is the only one who has this ability in the current Demon Slayer Corps. 

Why Did Genya Notice His Demonic Transformation?

Genya was mentally exhausted by the fact he was not talented as a swordsman. He can’t use the Total Concentration Breath and is no good at handling a sword. So he ate demon meat to seek power, which made him notice his special constitution. Normal people don’t think of eating demons, and I think he was so desperate enough to do such a crazy thing.

For your information, His ability of Demonic Transformation says ONIKUI in the original Japanese word. ONI is demons, and KUI is to “devour” in the Japanese language. KUI comes from the verb KUU, and it’s a rough way of saying “eat.”

onikui written in japanese letters, meaning eating demons in english

Why Did He Want to Be a Demon Slayer Swordsman So Badly?

Eating demons puts a heavy burden on Genya’s body. Yet Genya chose to do Demonic Transformation. Why does he want power so badly? The reason is his older brother and the current wind Hashira, SHINAZUGAWA SANEMI. 

When their mother turned into a demon, Sanemi killed her to protect his family. But Genya misunderstood the situation and blamed Sanemi as a killer. 

Genya has wanted to atone for what he had done to Sanemi, and everything Genya does is for Sanemi. He aims to become a Demon Slayer swordsman to follow his older brother and apologize to him.

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