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Why Does NEZUKO Have a Bamboo Muzzle in Her Mouth?

why does nezuko have a bamboo muzzle?Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan! Why does Nezuko have a bamboo muzzle? It’s Tomioka Giyu who set a muzzle in her mouth to prevent her from attacking and eating humans.

Is it common to use bamboo as a muzzle in Japan?


No, no! I think she is the only character who has bamboo among a lot of Japanese manga and anime.

Does Bamboo Have a Special Meaning in Japanese Culture?

Bamboo trees have been regarded as sacred plants in Japanese culture since they stood for strong vitality with their incredible speed of growing.

Religious shrines in Japan are often surrounded by bamboo trees, and we display bamboo ornaments called KADOMATSU to welcome the coming new year.

Bamboo forests are often seen around shrines and temples in Japan

Displaying the Kadomatsu bamboo is an old custom that started in the Heian era (794 – 1192) in Japan, and we still keep following the tradition in this modern age. You’ll see Kadomatsu bamboo ornaments displayed in front of Japanese houses and companies during the new year holidays.

Traditional KADOMATSU bamboo ornaments displayed in front of a Japanese company

Bamboo Has a Sacred Power to Drive Demons Away

It’s believed that bamboo trees have the power to drive evil things such as demons away. So we put them in front of the houses to prevent something bad from coming in.

Tomioka Giyu might choose bamboo as Nezuko’s muzzle wishing that the bamboo worked as a charm to suppress her demon instinct.

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