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Why Did Muzan Turn Nezuko into a Demon?

why did muzan turn nezuko into a demon?Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, Junko from Japan here! Who turned Nezuko into a demon? It’s KIBUTSUJI MUZAN. When Nezuko became a human and recovered her memory, the fact has come out that the one who killed the Kamado family was Muzan.

Then, why did Muzan turn Nezuko into a demon? Why did Muzan himself, the boss of all demons, take the trouble of paying a visit to the Kamado family?

Did Muzan Turn Nezuko into a Demon On Purpose?

I guess Muzan didn’t attack the Kamado family on purpose but happened to find a house and killed humans there. That happened by coincidence like a traffic accident. In a Demon Slayer episode, Muzan tells that meeting demons and getting killed by them is equivalent to suffering a natural disaster. Muzan passed by the place by chance, and just crushed humans there since humans are nothing but small ants to him. 

According to the official Demon Slayer fan book, Kibutsuji Muzan doesn’t have a normal sense of humans, and his sense for others is rather close to insects than humans. He’s as heartless as insects!

If he knew the Kamado family was a successor of the Hinokami Kagura, I think he never show up by himself and used his subordinates. Because he is extremely afraid of the Sun Breathing that was about to extinguish him before.

The place where the Kamado family lived is the NISHITAMAGUN area in Tokyo. Do you remember Tanjiro ran into Muzan in ASAKUSA? I’ve lived in Tokyo before, and It takes about 1 hour and a half from Asakusa to the Nishitamagun area by train. It’s far, but the distance of this degree may not be a big problem for Muzan.

Though it’s just a guess, I suppose Muzan has done human huntigs in  suburbs many times before he attacked Tanjiro’s family. Muzan sought a demon who could conquer the sunlight and turned a lot of humans into demons for his experiment. Nezuko was one of them.

Why Is Nezuko So Strong?

The strength of a demon is determined by how much blood the demon got from Muzan. The more blood it gets, the more powerful the demon becomes.

But it depends on a person how much blood they can accept and resist. If you didn’t have enough capacity, your body would shatter even if Muzan gave you a lot of blood. The main reason why Nezuko is strong is that she could resist a massive amount of blood provided by Muzan and obtain power. 

After becoming demons, they increase their power and recover their bodies by eating humans. But as you know, Nezuko has never eaten humans. Instead, she changed her constitution to be able to regain her demon power by sleeping. If sleeping means the same as eating humans for Nezuko, she might have been becoming stronger while she was resting in Tanjiro’s box.

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