Why does Inumaki Toge say salmon?
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Why does Inumaki Toge say salmon?

why does inumaki toge speak with salmon and bonito flake?Jujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

Inumaki Toge talks with only a few words of rice ball filling names. That’s because he is a Jugonshi (cursed speech user), who can realize the meaning of the word.

For example, if says “Die”, the opponent would die regardless of his intention. The power of Jugon (cursed speech) includes such risk. So he speaks with limited words not to harm others by his cursed speech.


In Japan, we have the concept of KOTODAMA. Here’s the kanji symbols for it.

kotodama written in kanji

The first letter means “language”, and the second one does “spirit” or “ghost”. Kotodama is a way of thinking that spoken words would affect reality.

Inumaki Toge can amplify the Kotodama power by his ability as a Jugonshi. With his ability, the word becomes reality over the range of affection.

Why did he choose rice ball fillings?

Toge talks with names of Japanese rice ball fillings because they are “one word for one meaning” words.

The Japanese language has countless words of the same sound with different meanings. For example, the word HASHI can be interpreted in at least 3 ways. Chopsticks, bridge, and edge. We usually judge the meaning by kanji letters or the context.

But Jugon doesn’t care about any of these. It simply adapts its sound. That means if the word Toge used had some meanings excerpt for his intention, it might happen.

On that point, the names of rice ball fillings are SAFE words as they don’t have any other meanings. OKAKA is just bonito flake and KONBU is seaweed. There’s nothing more than that!

If you want to know the meaning of his language, check the link below!

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