Japanese kanji symbol for WOLF & free download!
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Japanese kanji symbol for WOLF & free download!

wolf written in japanese kanji symbolAnimal

All about WOLF in Japanese!

ookami written in japanese kanji symbol, meaning wolf

Wolf says OOKAMI in Japanese. It’s a very cool kanji symbol.

If you like it, you can download free PNG data at the end of this page. I'm a native Japanese and I guarantee you that every kanji letter is 100% accurate.

Hope it helps for your tattoo ideas and designs!

How to read



a wolf


Gives cool, sharp, and strong impressions. It’s a kanji symbol that is frequently used for names of special moves in manga and anime.

In Japan, we have the word “Ippiki Ookami” which means “a lone wolf”. This kanji character is associated with a solitary loner.


In Japanese, the sound OO means “big” or “great” and KAMI means a god. A wolf was once respected as a messenger of the mountain god. I think that’s why it has a somehow mystical image.

A Japanese wolf that is endemic species of Japan has gone extinct. That may make its existence more mysterious.

Free download

You can download the kanji data with transparent PNG format. Each letter is made in 1000px X 1000px. Available for any purposes and no link or credit is needed. Feel free to take it!


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