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What’s the Meaning of YAOYOROZU in Japanese?

Yaoyorozu Momo written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan! The word YAOYOROZU means “eight million” in Japanese. Of course, this number itself has a meaning in Japanese culture. In this post, I’ll explain the meanings of each Kanji symbol and word in YAOYOROZU MOMO in My Hero Academia.

What Does YAOYOROZU Mean?

Yaoyorozu written in kanji

We usually read the word HAPPYAKUMAN, and it means eight million. YAOYOROZU is an irregular reading to represent “eight million gods” in Japanese Shinto mythology. Shinto is a Japanese distinctive religion and teaches that there are eight million gods in Japan. It’s a nature worship religion that believes gods dwell in everything in this world. Therefore the number of gods reaches up to eight million.

The last name YAOYOROZU shows that her quirk “Creation” is exactly the power of the gods!

What Does MOMO Mean?

Momo written in kanji

The word MOMO can have several meanings in Japanese. The most common words for MOMO are “peach” or “pink”, but YAOYOROZU MOMO’s Kanji symbol is for “hundred.” Yes, her name all consists of numbers! If literally translated, it would be “eight million and one hundred.”

The first name MOMO really exists and is a common girl’s name in Japan. 

What Is Momo’s Hero Name?

The hero name of Yaoyorozu Momo is CREATY. In Japanese, it’s spelled and pronounced KU RI E TY. It simply comes from the English word “creative” and doesn’t have particular Japanese meanings.

The character names in My Hero Academia have many Japanese word tricks and unique origins. Check out the link below for information about other MHA characters’ names!

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