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What Does Yoriichi’s Sword Say in Japanese?

what is the kanji symbol on yoriichi's sword?Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan! Yoriichi’S sword has a Kanji symbol, and it reads METSU which is the same word as the METSU written on a uniform of the Demon Slayer Corps. Here’s the Kanji writing for it.

metsu written in japanese kanji character

The METSU symbol means “annihilate” or “destruct.” It’s a letter that has a very strong intent to break and erase something completely. You can choose some other Kanji characters if you want to damage or offend someone. But that wasn’t enough for Yoriichi.

I think he put this Kanji on his sword to solidify his decision to destroy all the demons from this world. This is such a strong and offensive word.

Check out another post to learn more about the origin of the METSU symbol. I explained what the whole shape of this letter came from.

What Does METSU Kanji in Demon Slayer Uniform Mean?

Do Others’ Swords Have the Same Kanji Symbol?

No. It’s only Yoriichi’s sword that has the single METSU symbol. Normal Nichirin swords don’t have any inscriptions on them. But Hashira’s swords have special letters AKKI MESSATSU, meaning “kill and distinguish evil demons” in Japanese. This engraving works as proof that the owner of this sword is a Hashira.

In the Swordsmith Village arc in Demon Slayer, Mr. Haganezuka (he’s crazy but worth to be respected!) says the class system for the Demon Slayer swordsmen and the inscription on the Hashira’s Nichirin swords started in a later period than the one when Yoriichi’s METSU sword was forged. It seems his swords was the first Nichirin sword to have the Kanji symbol.

Read the post below to learn what each Kanji character in the AKKI MESSATSU phrase stands for!

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