Your Name in Japanese Kanji {Translation Service}
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Your Name in Japanese Kanji {Translation Service}

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Don’t you get your original Kanji Name?

Hi, I’m Junko!

Are you interested in having your own kanji name? Then you are in the right place!

I’ve started my new service for YOU who want to write your name in Japanese kanji letters. Yay!!

You’ll receive your original kanji name with 100% accuracy and aesthetic meanings.

Got interested? Let’s scroll and check if it’s worth for you!

The reason why you need me


What do you think if I have a tattoo of “diarrhea”?



You’re right. And that’s exactly what I see!

A part of sad kanji tattoos I’ve seen

The shapes of these kanji letters may seem cool, but the meanings are NOT. They are all simply strange.

I’ve seen these kinds of WEIRD Japanese designs many times when I lived in Yoyogi in Tokyo. I lived near the Meiji Shrine, a famous sightseeing spot, and saw many foreigners happily putting on these unreasonable Japanese words.


It’s okay if they liked it, but I think many people even didn’t know what they’re wearing mean.

Don’t you think that’s a kind of tragedy? What if you carve a word like “diarrhea” or “kitchen” in your body? They will never disappear!

9 years, 2136 letters

What are these numbers?


The number of kanji characters we have to learn and the years needed to master it.

The commonly used kanji letters are regulated by the Japanese government and there are 2136 symbols in it. We learn all of them over 9 years at elementary school, junior high school, and high school.

9 YEARS! 😳

Each kanji letter has at least two ways of readings and meanings. Additionally, some letters have irregular readings when combined together.

Even for native Japanese, the world of kanji is this complex and profound.

I can’t spend and wait for 9 years to write my name in kanji… I want it RIGHT NOW.


That’s why I’m here! I’ll do all the work instead of you!

Your name represents what you are

In Japan, it’s said that “your name represents what you are”.

For example, the first name KEN is a common name for boys. But the meanings are all different depending on the kanji symbol you choose for it.

The left Ken is healthy, the middle one is clever, and the right one is sturdy Ken!

Even if the sound is the same, the meaning completely differs depending on the characters you use.Therefore each symbol must be chosen very carefully.

Think about it.

What kind of YOU you want to be?


I want to find out the BEST symbol only for you. So please tell me about yourself as much as possible!

What you can get here

I’ll translate your name into Japanese kanji symbols and send it as digital data.

+ PNG files!

  1. A4 PDF Files
    – Your kanji name instruction
    – Vertical writings of KATAKANA and KANJI names
    – Horizontal writings of KATAKANA and KANJI names
    – Each writing includes black letters and outline stencils
  2. transparent PNG files
    – Vertical writings of KATAKANA and KANJI names in black letters
    – Horizontal writings of KATAKANA and KANJI names in black letters

In PNG files, each symbol is created with approximately 500 x 500px. If you need a specific size, please let me know on the request form. The size-changing is for free!

A detailed explanation for each kanji symbol would be sent by e-mail. I’ll tell you why I chose the letters for you!



I’ll deliver you a smartphone wallpaper of your first kanji name. Bring your kanji name with you anytime as a lucky charm!

This is a bonus present from me and the design is my choice. You’ll have to wait and see!

Hello! I’m Junko

Thank you for reading so far!

I’m Junko and I’ll be your translator.

I know it’s hard to rely on someone over the internet. But don’t worry! I once was a Top-rated eBay seller and got over 100 positive feedbacks from all over the world. It’s proof of the quality of my service.

Are you still feeling uneasy? Then let’s check the frequently asked questions!


How can I purchase the service?

  1. Click the order button and make your payment
  2. The order form will be shown after the payment. Fill out the form and send it! (The link will be sent by email. Don’t worry if you lost the link!)
  3. You’ll receive the translation by e-mail in 3-5 business days!

Do I need to fill out the form?


Yes, it’s necessary. I want to know about yourself in order to find out the BEST kanji combination for you. I’ll ask what kind of images do you like.

Can I get my family name translation too?

You CAN with the paid option (+$15.00)! Select the green button when you got the order form.

How many days will it take?

Please give me 3-5 business days to complete your translation. I’ll search for the best kanji combination for you and it requires some time!

Can I choose a font?

Yes, you can! The default font is a calligraphy one, but you can change the font if you want. Choose your favorite one among these 4 fonts.

Calligraphy {DEFAULT}

What is different in your service from others?

I have confidence in my quality of the name translation. Just putting some kanji symbols according to your name pronunciation is easy. You can get instantly made kanji name right now if you want.

But I NEVER do that.

Each kanji symbol has its unique meaning and the most suitable one should be chosen for you. It’s not an easy task, rather really tough work as a complex puzzle!

There are many other translation services on the internet. But most of them don’t even ask your preference. How can we choose the best letters without knowing about you?

I want to deliver NOT what I like but what YOU like because it’s your name. I want you to meet the best kanji name in the world!

Can you tell me about yourself?

Then I promise that I’ll do my best to create your only kanji name!

What’s the price of my kanji name?

I’m currently offering a special discount promotion!

The promotion would be end no announcement. So don’t miss the chance!


Special Price Only For Now!


  • Katakana name translation
  • Kanji name translation
  • Horizontal & vertical writings, black letters & outline stencils
  • {BONUS} a brilliant smartphone wallpaper
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  • 100% accuracy
  • You can skip and save 9 years-effort to master 2136 kanji letters

Are you ready for getting your kanji name?

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