Your Name in Katakana {Translation Service}
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Your Name in Katakana {Translation Service}

translate my name into japanese! get your katakana name for free!

Hey, can you tell me how to write my name in Japanese katakana?


Sure thing! I’ll manually translate your name into Japanese katakana FOR FREE!

I’m sorry! This service is temporarily closed and I’m preparing the new services.

Translation samples

Get your name translation FOR FREE!

It’s simple!

  1. Send me the request from the form at the bottom of this page
  2. I’ll translate your name into Japanese katakana and present them in a new blog post
  3. You’ll get the notice by e-mail when the post is published!


do you have any questions?

What is good for your service?

You can get 100% accurate katakana name very easily!

I think there are many English-Japanese converters on internet.


I know it. But it’s true that I often see FALSE and ODD Japanese translations on foreign sites. My translation will be done manually and I can guarantee you accuracy!

How long will it take?

Usually, I can make a translation and the post in 2-3 days.

How can I get my translation?

I’ll post a transparent PNG file and you can save the image freely!

What can I use the image for?

For any purpose including commercial use. No credit or link is required, but I’m happy if you share the translation or this page on SNS! 😀

Why do you do it for free?

I need my blog topics and want to hear what you want to know about Japan.

I prepared a questionnaire and please fill it out to get your translation!

Don’t worry, it’s very easy to answer!

Why do you use katakana, not hiragana?

Because foreign names and words are all written in katakana in Japan.

Can’t I write my name in hiragana?


You can if you want! But it looks goofy if you use hiragana for foreign names, as a 3-year-old little kid wrote it. So I don’t recommend you to use hiragana unless you have a special reason you have to do that.

Can’t I get kanji translation?

Selecting kanji letters with proper meanings and sounds for your name is tough and takes time. So I’m preparing a paid translation service. Wait for it!

Request form

please tell me your name and pronunciation! fill out the form!

Please tell me your name and the pronunciation.

The pronunciation is IMPORTANT because I’ll translate IT into Japanese letters.

EX. Mike (mai ku), David (dei vi do), Mary (mea ry or mea rii)

I’m sorry! The form is temporarily closed.

Why don’t you PIN it?
translate my name into japanese! get your katakana name for free! get it right now!