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What’s the YUSHIRO’s Name Meaning in Demon Slayer?

what does the name yushiro mean in japanese? demon slayerDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, Junko from Japan here! The name YUSHIRO in Demon Slayer means “heal”, “chronicle”, and “man.” Since each Kanji symbol has several meanings and can be interpreted differently, I’ll explain what each letter stands for in detail.

yushiro written in japanese kanji letters

YU = heal, excel, more and more
SHI = chronicle, someone who engages in writing and recording
RO = man

YU for Heal

The most common meaning for the YU symbol is “heal something.” Its shape consists of “a tool to carve wood” and a “dugout canoe.” The whole character describes that something bad is hollowed out and you’re recovered. The meaning deserves Yushiro’s skill as a medical assistant of lady Tamayo.

Also, Yushiro originally suffered from an incurable disease, and lady Tamayo saved him by making him into a demon. In a way, she “took something bad out of him.” The YU Kanji may imply his background of being healed and recovered from the illness.

Though we seldom use the YU for them, the symbol also means “excel” and “superior. to something.”

SHI for Chronicle

The SHI stands for “chronicle” and is used for the Japanese word related to history and record. This Kanji character has two readings SHI and FUMI. The SHI is popular for boy names, and the FUMI is used for girl names such as FUMIKO.

This Kanji also has the meaning of “someone who records something.” After reading the final episode of Demon Slayer, I can’t help thinking this “those who record” meaning shows his role. It feels a bit sad but beautiful.

RO for Man

The RO is a very popular suffix for Japanese boy names. The RO character in Tanjiro, Kyojuro, and Muichiro use the same letter. Not only for classic names but also we still use it for boy names in this day and age.

Yushiro was saved by lady Tamayo, and then he healed swordsmen from Demon Slayer Corps and ended up a recorder. It seems his name exactly describes his life!

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